Sat. 1st Oct. 2011:South Haven Point, Studland Bay

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 27: Wed. 28th Sept Lyme Regis to Langton Herring

3 lovely supporters - Burton Bradstock
What a difference a day makes!Gone were the mist and fog. Gone were the low temperatures and gone were the grey, grey skies and seas. In their place summer had returned with an astonishing array  of clear horizons, balmy breezes and dazzling turquoise seas .

For me, the weather was perfect and much progress was made as I galloped along the Path at breathtaking speed from Lyme to Langton, conquering the mighty Golden Cap en route. Hands up all those who have read the book, "Moonfleet", a classic tale of smugglers' nefarious deeds located in the heart of Chesil Beach country. It was compulsive reading when I was at school a thousand years ago. Mind you, they never had exploits extending to cliff-top runners and their mad sport.

Once more, there were other fresh air fanatics on the Path only too pleased to learn about G.O.S.H and only too ready to donate there and then to the hospital funds. We were also united again with our very close buddies, Margaret and Jill who scoured the summit of Golden Cap amazed by the enormous dust cloud being generated by dashing Jack shortly after crossing the Devon/Dorset border. All now seems set for Saturday's final fling when I hope to spring across the burning sands of Studland beach around 1 pm, weather and injuries permitting. And so to bed.


  1. Great to see you both yesterday and what a fantastic day of sunshine. Maybe not so good for you, Jack, running in the heat but wonderful for Pat and I to do a lovely walk along the coast. Hope the quad is holding up. Not long now see you Saturday. Love Jill & John

  2. Hi Jack, Ben here from the Rock-Padstow ferry. What is your start point and time, and estimated finish point and time, on Fri 30 Sept (tomorrow) as there is an outside chance I could join you if you fancy some company. Did my 35-mile run on Sunday so may be able to keep up with you for some of the way! Contact or 07990 785674 if easier. All the best and keep it up!

  3. Consistently amazing, and have really enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you *enjoy* the last couple of days of your mission and glad the weather is finally on your side (if a little too hot for running).

    Jo (Alison's friend)

    ps Don't get so distracted by the naturists on Studland Beach that you keep on running past the finish line!!!