Sat. 1st Oct. 2011:South Haven Point, Studland Bay

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 26 Tues 27th Sept Budleigh Salterton to Lyme Regis

Blymey Regis. Non-dashing Jack surveys the fog-bound scene in despondent mood.
Well that's Devon done and dusted. It turned out to be only marginally better than Cornwall in so far as running is concerned, i.e., hills not quite so severe and the weather showed a very good improvement.....for a few days, because now we are truly in the doldrums with nothing but but dense mist and fog all around us,from the hill summits to the ocean depths. At one stage I was completely disorientated,lost my way and had to drag myself backwards underneath a barbed wire fence. This event is turning more into an obstacle course or cross-country event but at least we have now done 545 miles in total with ONLY another 85 miles to go until the finish on Saturday. YES!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Pat was busy decanting all our supplies again as we are now moving on to Pat's cousins Les and Vera to stay in their home near Lyme Regis for a couple of nights. Oh the joy of having family members resident near the Path.

Also, hot from the press,my Achilles tendon has responded miraculously (again) to the treatment from
my personal masseuse, Fifi la blonde, and if anyone would care for an appointment I must warn you that the price has just gone up!  And so to bed.

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  1. Fifi la blonde - a new alias Pat, to add to Head Cook and Bottle Washer etc. - no end to your accomplishments. The lady behind the scenes, without whom it could not happen.
    Amazing feat to clock up 545. So glad you are sounding chirpy again Jack.
    Keep on dashing.
    All the best Dave & Lorna